Lawyers are the only persons in whom ignorance of the law is not punished.

– Jeremy Bentham


Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection Planning

A comprehensive estate plan serves as a method of transferring your wealth to your loved ones while asset protection takes this a step further by allowing you to protect your assets throughout your lifetime. Strategies are employed to protect your assets from potentially being lost as the result of a lawsuit. This is especially important if you own a home.

The reality is, anyone can sue you at any time, whether you are right or wrong. This is especially true if you own your own business because you need to take risks to grow. There are also risks that we take in our everyday lives that we may not even realize is putting us at risk for court and conflict.

Are you considering getting married?

Do you have children from a prior marriage and are considering remarriage?

Do you own investment properties?

Do you perform professional services?

Are you a physician or an attorney?

Do you have employees?

Are you signing loan documents or a personal guarantee?

Are you signing a lease or mortgage?

Lawsuits over divorce, creditor law suits, malpractice, employment disputes, health issues, theft, sexual harassment claims, inheritance and natural disasters are just some of the many issues that resulted in over 20 million people being sued last year alone.

That is why we support you in taking the maximum risk possible without worrying about losing it all as the result of a lawsuit. We help you plan for the life of your dreams and a legacy you can be proud of passing on by protecting your assets with strategies based on your particular circumstances. Some of those strategies may include an asset protection trust, forming a business entity, insurance, prenuptial agreement, gifting, asset segregation or some other strategy is best for you.

Getting to know you during your life changes requires us to be in communication with you. We want you to feel comfortable contacting us without worrying about receiving a bill every time we pick up the phone. That is why all are fees are charged up front, so you never have to feel uncomfortable speaking with us and never have to worry about getting any surprises.

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