Lawyers are the only persons in whom ignorance of the law is not punished.

– Jeremy Bentham


Business Planning

You have a great business idea – now what?

Most people hesitate to go to a lawyer to start the planning of their business simply because they figure, “How hard could it be? Other’s do it on their own, why can’t I?”

Forming your business entity should not be a one size fits all approach. Our focus is on making sure that you have the tools you need for your business to succeed. We work with you to create strategies by providing creative options to common questions such as where to form your entity and what type of entity is best for you as well as questions most people never consider when starting their business; Which agreements do you need immediately and which can wait, what kind of insurance should you obtain and how do you even find an insurance advisor anyway?

We offer a holistic approach to building you Legal, Financial, Insurance and Tax structures, assist you in making decisions on when to hire and how, as well as providing tips and strategies on how to work with your CPA for maximum tax savings!

We get to know you and your business in order to determine what lifestyle you want to have while you are in the business, how you want your business to present to the world and how you plan on retiring from your business, if at all.

Our business planning service is designed with the end in mind. After all, you don’t own your path without a plan.

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