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The Jean Philippe Law Firm is a boutique firm with offices in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia that focuses on helping families and business owners to create a plan that will work to protect your loved ones when they need it most. Our Estate Planning and Business Planning Services are customized for your needs and designed with the needs of a growing family in mind. We understand the amount of work that goes into starting and growing your business. We offer strategies and solutions to help support your business and to create transferable value which allows for you to exit your business successfully, regardless of whether you plan to transfer it to your kids or loved ones or sell your business for a profit. Our holistic approach helps keep your family out of court and out of conflict.


When you create a legacy, you have created more than just wealth. We will support you in protecting your assets for generations to come. In addition, we help you capture those precious moments, morals, and values that make up your legacy which you want your loved ones to experience even after you are gone.


Our main focus is to ensure that families and business owners get to have a choice on who will continue the legacy that they have worked hard to create and maintain. You will have peace of mind in knowing your family wealth is transferred according to your wishes, giving you the utmost peace of mind and allowing you to grow your business and your wealth with confidence. In our initial meeting we get to know what your goals are for your family and/or business. Only then can we guide you towards making the best decisions for them and picking a planning level and fee that works for you.


What makes us different? Unlike traditional lawyers that sell you a set of documents that may not work when you need them to, we do not sell documents. We are service centered to ensure that your needs are truly met and your plan works when you need it to. Traditional estate plans often fail because assets are not transferred in the right way or plans are not updated over time. You will have the opportunity to review your plan regularly to ensure that your plan changes when your life changes, your family changes and most certainly when the law changes.


Our effective estate planning strategies are focused on keeping your family out of court and out of conflict. Our plans typically feature an irrevocable trust, which if done correctly and well maintained, can save you thousands of dollars in paying estate taxes and avoids probate, among many other benefits.


We help you avoid the public, costly, lengthy probate process required with a will. This means your loved ones can have access to the resources they need immediately in the event something happened to you. If there are additional needs, we can also provide advanced planning. If all you need is a will, we can also help you do that too!


If you have worked with an estate planning lawyer before, chances are, you met with them once, received your estate plan and never spoke to them again. We take a different approach because your business and your family is worth it. Should you choose to plan with us, we will meet with you a total of 3 times to ensure that your expectations are met and everything is done correctly and to ensure that your intangible assets are also transferred. We also provide our clients with free plan reviews every 3 years because chances are, something in their life has changed. Whether that you’re is getting married, getting a divorce, having a baby, buying a house, or losing a loved one named in your plan to name a few. We offer a yearly membership called the “Join the Family” Program if you need more frequent plan reviews.


We are committed to building a lifelong relationship with you and your family. We encourage and support you to talk to your loved ones about wealth building and also to have those challenging conversations about death and incapacity so that they are clear on what your wishes are. All fees are agreed to in advance, so that means you can call us whenever you need support with your plan. We even assist you in making important life choices that may affect you and your loved ones such as determining the right amount and types of insurance you need, planning for retirement and end of life care as well as saving and investing in your future whether it be for higher education or for future business plans.


We focus on all of your assets, both tangible and intangible, unlike other cookie-cutter lawyers. We will work with your financial advisor and accountant if necessary, to ensure that we are all on the same page about your goals and needs are for your family and for your business. We also ensure there is a plan for incapacity so that your medical, financial and legal affairs are taken care of as you wish, in the event you are unable to do these things on your own.


We offer virtual services that allow you to meet with us right in the comfort of your home or office. This allows us to serve you without having to worry about the time or expense of commuting.