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Planning for families with young children

What would happen to your kids?

What would happen to your kids if you did not make it home? Most parents have never named a guardian for their kids. Many who have named guardians for their kids have done so improperly.

Without the proper planning, your children could be left in the care of strangers, child protective services, or simply in the hands of someone that you would not wish to care for them.

What’s more, many parent’s that opt to do estate planning on their own never consider what actually happens when you name a child as a beneficiary. Your kids are too important for you to have a plan that will fail them.

Whether you are a single parent or married with children, the reality is, a will is not enough. Traditional estate planning fails to consider these factors when planning for those raising minors. If you are caring for minors we work closely with you to ensure that we create a plan that protects your children and that they are cared for in the way that you choose and with the people that you choose to care for them.

What happens when your kids get older and their needs change? Maybe your needs changed and you are now caring for a parent or another loved one in addition to your kids? Tax laws change? Maybe you have moved or acquired additional assets? Decisions that you have made years ago for guardianship may become outdated and your estate plan no longer serves you.

Our estate plans are created with the needs of your growing family in mind. We help you plan for life! Our goal is to keep your family our of court and out of conflict. Planning with us will give you peace of mind that your loved once will be well taken care of even after you are gone.
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Planning for blended families

You have taken good care of your family. When you are gone, the last thing you want is for them to fight with each other. If you or your spouse have children from a prior marriage the likelihood of family conflict is great. How do you keep you family from fighting when you are no longer around? You plan!

We take special care when planning for blended families since our primary focus is to keep you and your loved ones out of court and out of conflict. We create custom plans for blended families to ensure that your wishes are clear and advise you on on which strategies are best for keeping the peace in your family if something were to happen to you.

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More than your your money

Your assets and financial wealth are just a portion of your legacy. Few Estate Planning lawyers consider the non-tangible assets that create your legacy. What do you truly want to leave behind? What skills, beliefs, and values do you want to be remembered by? Your intellectual assets, spiritual assets and human assets are some of the most important things that your loved ones will want to remember about you when you are gone.

We help you to discover what is most important to you and capture those values, stories and experiences that allow you loved ones to truly share in your legacy.

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